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Four Hands Showroom


See the World in one shop. At Four Hands, design is a journey — not a destination. From Parisian and antique markets steeped in tradition, to the rural recesses of Europe, China, India and beyond, our designers travel the globe in search of inspiration.

We find it in pristine works of art, forward-thinking fashion, and objects adored more for everyday utility than elegance. That’s when the adventure really begins.

We create cutting-edge furnishings by putting our ideas to the test during every step of the design process. Mixing inspiration with expertise, overlooked materials, quality construction and sustainable methods, we bring trends and treasures to life. We can’t wait to share our world view with you.

The Four Hands Showroom is a great way to inspire you. Get instant access to the things you need to tell your style story. This mobile kiosk offers easy, elegant access to show you everything Four Hands offers.

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