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About Us

Marsha started off in the design business importing textiles and fabric in 1993. In 2003 Marsha began sourcing high quality furniture one piece at a time. Her single-minded focus was to build a portfolio of unique furniture at a variety of price points while creating a reputation of dedication to customer service.  Today the promise of quality, detail, value and service is still apparent in every piece of furniture.

Marsha is proud to offer an exclusive range of business partners that provide our distinctive and unparalleled product line.   From the high-end design statements of Rene Cazares fine home furnishings to the classic and accessible range of Hooker Furniture to our exclusive line of one of a kind, rustic and salvaged wood furniture all define the Madison McCord brand.

Marsha is ASID and CID certified she has a passion for modern paint pairing and continues to seek education to ensure that Madison McCord clients always have access to the latest trends in textiles and furniture frames.

Marsha can be reached at

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